How to walk

Travelling for cheap
If you’re regularly travelling with a ‘special friend’, get yourself a two together railcard and save 1/3rd on your train tickets. It’s like being under 25 again, unless you are under 25 in which case lucky you, you can travel for cheap on your own.

What to wear
In summer you can usually get away with trainers, but in winter it’s muddy enough to need walking boots on most walks. Spring and Autumn can be muddy too so if in doubt, wear boots.

What to bring
Unless you’re a really early bird, you’re likely to be walking over lunch and finishing your walk around 3-5pm – so bring snax and water to tide you over untill your pub ‘lunch’ at the end.

You might want to bring battery pack for your phone so you can gram your walk and track your route to your heart’s content.

Where to eat
If your walk ends in a small village where there’s only one nice pub (Like Eynsford) you’ll need to book a table before you arrive (especially on a Sunday when you’ll find the whole village in the pub). Most of the time it’s fine to do do this on the same day you’re walking.